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January 1st

Building a better……. everything?
Well, it’s the time if year when society, after encouraging us to binge-binge-binge; then expects us to purge and renew. Is it a going out party? Last kick at the horse?… Interesting thing to think on- the two extremes that fall upon us, within a two week time frame.
I have had a lot to think about. ( and here is just a sample)
I lost my good buddy, and faithful companion of 12+ years, my dog Java. Grieving a pet is hard. There are no real society rules here. Do you sweep it under the rug? Or do you have a funeral? … People find their own path. All I know, is it just doesn’t feel like enough. Going to work, pretending you’re just great, holiday cheer, hoorah! …. Not so fun. I am sad. He was a good friend, and the hole in my life is large. For how long will I think I hear him shuffling around the house, getting into things…. feeling the clock of “time to go out” , “time to eat”.. and time to get pets…. I don’t know. I just know it sucks. Is my life simpler without a dog? Sure. no need to rush home to let him outside. No need to shovel paths in the backyard for an old dog to go pee on. No need to vacuum up the fur….. I think dogs leave a bigger hole in your life than a cat does. They’re more like kids; They need so much more from you. But they don’t grow up…. Cats… they do their own thing. toss some food out, and they’re good to go…….. Rough.
I also got back to a single state of life earlier in the year. A real adjustment also. Having people in your life close is a good thing.. but sometimes it’s not so good. Remembering who you are, who you want to be, how to feel … “right”… these things take time to come back…. So a long road to finding the happy place again. But the journey continues on….
Remembering what’s important.
This is the real stuff.
1. feel happy
2. love it
3. do what’s most important.
4. repeat.
So… although I am not the “New Years’ Resolutions” kind of girl….. I did have a few things to set in motion.
Better me. Do what makes me happiest, feel the best. I have been pecking away for about a month with working out at home again. That got derailed with losing Java…. But I made a deal with a friend, who also wants to be more focused on “being in shape”. It always helps to have a gym buddy. it hardens your resolution to go, when someone is waiting for you. she isn’t waiting for me. she lives on the other side of the globe. But we agreed. I said if you go, I’ll go. So off we are. I bought a 3 month pass yesterday. A kick in the pants. I have all kinds of equipment at home. Plus there is the skis, the bikes, the shoes, lol. You just need the pull of motivation to get the ball rolling….. The next hurdle is finding a creative solution for Yoga. I like classes, sure, and I have everything to do it at home, which is a plus. But I live in a rental, with nasty stinky carpets; so much so, that yoga has become a non-option. So creativity, I need a solution!!!!
Another thing it’s time to strive for; is creating unparalleled works in the studio. Sure, I can pound out rings, and all kinds of things that will be technically well made, and beautiful. But I want to get back to what inspires me….. working on things that push boundaries. That amaze me when they are complete. Things that make me go “wow”. These are the things that might not get completed in a weekend… They take time. But the heart and soul of creating. no cookie cutters….. no recipe….. Just inspiration. Tinkering. Taking the auto-pilot on a walk…. I want to feel “wow ” again. I know I can make really great things. Great, uninspired things. People love them. That’s nice….. But the soul needs…… Spice. Freedom…. Wind….. Color.
So it’s time to step off this year on the right ( or should I say Left?) foot. Truly Create.
Over the course of this past year, I have had the opportunity to forge friendships and bonds with many wonderful people that I have met in online communities- thru Etsy, and thru Flickr. It reminded me how vital it is – to me- to have a community of peers with whom I can converse with. Talk shop. Foster creativity with. And thanks to you all for coming in to my life., being open and available to chat with, whether it be Metals, Enamels, Pets, Photos, or personal. I love it. And it’s important to me.
So it’s my goal to get to know you all better. Become more friends, than just acquaintances. Chat more, support more. And write good positive things for you all! ( One of the things I mean with this, is writing lovely testimonials on Flickr; or feedback in Etsy. )
Personally, I also hope to do better with following thru on the things I want to do. Playing of instruments. taking of photos, travelling, creating… outdoor sports…whatever.
Just Do It.
364 left…..

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