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Studio Resolutions~

First: Remembering what’s important.
1. feel happy
2. love it
3. do what’s most important.
4. repeat.
It’s time to strive for; is creating unparalleled works in the studio. Sure, I can pound out rings, and all kinds of things that will be technically well made, and beautiful. But I want to get back to what inspires me….. working on things that push boundaries. That amaze me when they are complete. Things that make me go “wow”. These are the things that might not get completed in a weekend… They take time. But the heart and soul of creating. no cookie cutters….. no recipe….. Just inspiration. Tinkering. Taking the auto-pilot on a walk…. I want to feel “wow ” again. I know I can make really great things. Great, uninspired things. People love them. That’s nice….. But the soul needs…… Spice. Freedom…. Wind….. Color.
So it’s time to step off this year on the right ( or should I say Left?) foot. Truly Create.
Over the course of this past year, I have had the opportunity to forge friendships and bonds with many wonderful people that I have met in online communities- thru Etsy, and thru Flickr. It reminded me how vital it is – to me- to have a community of peers with whom I can converse with. Talk shop. Foster creativity with. And thanks to you all for coming in to my life., being open and available to chat with, whether it be Metals, Enamels, Pets, Photos, or personal. I love it. And it’s important to me.
So it’s my goal to get to know you all better. Become more friends, than just acquaintances. Chat more, support more. And write good positive things for you all! ( One of the things I mean with this, is writing lovely testimonials on Flickr; or feedback in Etsy. )
Ok, studio break time over…. thinking cap off…. Creating cap ON!

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