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What is your dream project – what would you most *love* to make?

I don’t yet have an answer for the question. šŸ™‚
I have had a whole month to ponder this wonderful topic, that I personally crafted to extract intriguing answers…. and I’m blank. Like a fresh canvas. … But…. as I think about it this morning, soaking up the Autumn sunshine on my back (my desk is next to a patio door ), I realize this: My not really having a defined answer is really, actually, quite perfect in a way, for me.

……Stepping back.

When I look thru the sites of many of our Metalsmiths – there is a defining element. Many, Most in fact, have a ‘distinct style.’ What burns in my brain as their Signature. That design element that exists, in which their work all groups into.

And somehow in my mind, this seems to me that it would make it easier to know what you most want to make… Because it would be defined within A signature stamp…. and of course….. this is totally silly. We’re asking What your dream Project is. That means, it goes without boundaries. A couple thoughts that were in the blog topic discussion, were that it not be limited by skills, metals, even the ability to actualize such a thing. It’s a Dream Project after all
Which brings me back to me. I was thinking; if I had a signature style; I would know what my dream project is. But, ~again~ that’s silly. And one thing that slid into my mind, was – That’s my dream – To have an emerging signature style that people would know. But still…. not the answer I was looking for.

…….And back to the beginning. Each day in my studio; my ideas are somewhat like a blank canvas. Often I do not have a defined idea of what I am going to create. I let the mood strike me. Often when working with stones, the outcome if fully influenced by what the Stone speaks to me. I allow it to inspire. (Incidentally, why I’m less and less keen on custom orders, as I often find that pushing a piece a work to a certain outcome brings less than wonderful results.) It hems in what wants to come out. And I do berate myself at times for this – as with a good quiver of skills, I *ought* to be able to produce what I want, when I want, all the time. *sigh* …….. So I let the moment move me. I don’t often know what I will produce today – beyond “Ring” , or “Pendant”. Or, “ooooh, it’s time to do something with THIS stone!!!!!”

But Still Not An Answer.

I once wanted very much to create something wonderful for Julia Roberts to wear to an Oscars or Emmy’s, or some such event šŸ™‚

Right now though…. what’s in my head, is brewing. I feel I am on the cusp of emerging into my true *Self*, as an artist and metalsmith. Moving back to Not allowing outside influence to impact what I create. Moving back to allowing fully what is inside to percolate to creation on my desk. I feel a Sense of Signature style developing…. I could *try* to describe what it is I see in my mind’s eye, but I doubt I would do it justice… and of course it will come out in it’s own unique way. You will, unequivocally, know when you see it, that it is my Signature Style. šŸ˜€ It will Be distinctly Andes Cruz. and those of you who know me will see *Of Course!!!!*

So what I want to make more than anything, right now…. is to actualize a line of one of a kind pieces in the style emerging in my mind. They will be unlike anything out there. Unique. Unusual. And Mine. To develop this style, and let it stamp it’s individuality into all my works.. They will all be One of’s, not reproducible in exactness. No Production works. (Simply won’t be possible!) And I am oh so excited, and looking forward to ~ soon ~ introducing this line to you. It’s almost here. Coming soon, to a page near you .

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