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The only moment we have is now.

“the only moment we really have is right now.”
I think it’s powerful. True. I was reminded of this basic philosophy today while watching a new tv program called Flashforward.
What it reminds me, is that I have been trying to live in a philosophy that today is it. There is no tomorrow; just now. And true in the sense that the only moment you live is now. Yesterday is done, and tomorrow never is here. There is only now….
On that thought, I have, over the past several years, been working with emotions. I have never been really big on sharing what’s in my heart; it seems like when I have, I have suffered heartache. Which of course, doesn’t make a person want to keep opening themselves up to it….. What I realized for myself though, is kinda a ‘no pain no gain’ type thing. If I don’t choose to put it out there (whatever it is) I may not reap the benefits. Of course, it’s always a 50/50 chance on how things will end up.
I’m a “Go” girl. When I decide I want something, I go!. At the moment the decision is made; it’s made, and I throw it all in. Kinda like jumping off the cliff to wonder as an afterthought if I know how to swim. heh. not impulsive…. just… determined. And impatient. Once I get to it, then there is no stopping.
My heart works like that too. I throw it all in. All or nothing. The curse of my life. lol. Nothing half way….
I live laugh and love furiously. And when I hurt, I hurt like hell as a result.
Being All In is raw, and real, and in your face….. But it Is. and it’s good. It’s life, and it’s real. Feel it.

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