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“What is the most unusual request for a custom made piece that you actually did?”

“What is the most unusual request for a custom made piece that you actually did?”

Well, I have to admit, I haven’t been asked to make any truly unusual things – either that I did, or did not accept as a commissioned piece. I had in my mind to write about a wedding set I did. I do not have photos though. Though to describe it, a couple asked me to make for them – instead of wedding rings – a set of pendants. Each a half a heart; that fit together as a whole, of course. They were I think into Renaissance fairs, and such had a celtic theme for it, have a Scottish name across it – which was a fictional combination of their two names, and; split in half of course. So that was unusual , and interesting.

Another wedding set I did that I remember, and have terrible photos of; was set of rings that had the 8 phases of the moon spaced around the circumference of the band. I saw these photos when looking for ones of the pendants mentioned above. Again, not terribly unusual, but at the time; quite unique.

Then , while looking I stumbled across this project. A friend back in 2000 asked me to disassemble an antique which that had belonged to her grandmother, and was a treasure to her. And build it into 3 separate, but matching bracelets. Interesting. Again not terribly unusual – but not your usual project.

So, bracelet 1 – I took the frame from the face of the watch, pulled out the guts – (it opened actually like a locket.) Thus leaving a beautiful little case. Added a byzantine chain for the bracelet, and inside the frame we added little wraps of fiber – as my friend was a fiber artist, and these remnants had some special meaning to her – of which I cannot remember. But they’ weren’t just any little bits of thread…..

Bracelet 2 – I took the face of the watch, set it like a stone in a bezel, behind glass I believe, and added it to a linked bracelet style of which I used to do a lot of, which had watch gears on the additional pieces. ( I think it was my favourite at the time. I love using gears.)

Bracelet #3. A cuff. I took the guts of the watch, turned it over so you could see the workings, and the little ruby gems in it, set that back side up in a fancy bezel like a stone, under archival glass also; and filled in the band of the cuff with gear buttons I made, and moonstones.

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