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You know that feeling… when there is possibility?
It’s a good thing.
….. feels tingly.
Your senses are firing.
You have that ghost of DeJaVu following you around.
You do things that when then happen; you know, you think: “Ah. Right. . That’s where that memory/dream/thought came from.”
Feeling moments you know you’ve *seen*… fall into actuality. (finally?)
And there it is: that feeling….. the beginning…. that belly-deep grin spreads thru your being, from the inside out, you skin smiles, your eyes twinkle…. it’s your secret… but it’s seeping out.
When you know you’re following the right direction, because it’s taking you were you’ve seen yourself going. Everything falls into place. Dreams come true. The world is yours. You are *right* exactly where you are meant to be.
This is possibility.
Walk towards it.
Make it exactly what you have seen.
Keep Dreaming πŸ™‚ , for if you can’t – or don’t- dream it; it will never be possible to find it or reach it, or step beyond it. πŸ™‚

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