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What is your best jewellery memory?

What is your best jewellery memory? (Could be from creating, receiving, others, etc)
For me…… That’s tough. I have a *LOT* of really great jewellery creating memories. Making my First ring. Making my first project – a really big bracelet; (that I wrote about in a previous etsymetal blog carnival)…. making a really Epic necklace….. making a huge belt buckle – my first buckle. Making myself many awesome pieces. The ring I made myself last week. So many special things. The Anniversary necklace I made my mom. The pocket watch my mom bought for my dad.
But today, I am going to go with a ring I made for myself.
I created this ring in 2003. Specifically for myself. I had the ruby -( it’s a star ruby, about 10mm across, in this luscious raspberry color, with an incredible star) for several years, with which I had wanted to do something special for myself. As well, I had a small ingot of 18kt yellow gold, that I had from melted down old jewellery. New Diamonds on the sides. I think 10 on each side.
During the time I created this- what made it special was the incorporation of several new techniques. the flush setting of the diamonds on the side being one; and the Ring shank – being created from two hollow, half round shapes. So the ring is quite large, and hollow, but very heavy. The inner shank is Sterling silver, and the outer is 18kt gold fused to a heavy layer of sterling silver. The Star ruby is bezel set. And that I was making this gift for myself. Something to cherish and love. a creation to be proud of.
To this day, I treasure this ring, and wear it often, despite my lack of fondness for Gold.

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