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Editing; White lies & Half truths

I don’t.
I *really* don’t like to edit.
It separates, and deviates from the Real Me.
It’s a two sided mirror I stare into….. On one side~ The most important thing I do; For Me; is to speak my truth. Say what I need to say. Be who I am. Shine out who I am, and need to be…. The other side, as I see my reflection – I realize is my hypocrytic self. I don’t like seeing my self reflecting that. When I find myself dwelling in the place where…. I Edit.

“Free Your Mind”……..
The Editor.
What does my editor do?
Let’s Define Editing:

  1. Crafting what you say – specifically for the person you are saying it to. (possibly to yourself even?) Maybe you Soften it, maybe you change your thoughts, maybe you send out a little white lie. Because “you care” about not hurting them. You tell them what you think they want to hear – not want you want them to hear. What your heart and soul bears you to share.

  2. Omitting of truth. Perhaps you choose not to say something – for the same kinds of reasons. You feel it will be better for the person you’re not telling, if you don’t say it out loud. It’s easier that way. (Is it?) If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all? Right?

  3. Shaping. Do you find yourself acting a certain way to please someone – other than your own self? Are you shaping your behaviour to fit somewhere? Are you dressing some way you think you should? Following a routine that isn’t yours? Hair cut? Friends?

  4. Reflecting – When you look in that mirror, do you no longer see your self?

……I know I am editing, when I feel a little sick inside. Who I see in that mirror, is not Me any longer. When I shine the light of ME back upon myself, and I find the shadows. The pockets of darkness eating away from the bright. And the sadness of it seeps into my being.
….What I really wonder though – Is WHY am I editing?
When I feel *so* strongly about the importance of being *True* to your own personal Self, and Vision, and Happiness.
That which I call Staying Human.
My own Motto I live to breathe for.
Living in the script that is only yours.
Not falling into the cookie cutter mould, and getting lost in the sea of a million faces. But being willing, and able to Stand Up, and be Seen as the true light and individual that you are.
Being Proud to stay true to your self above everything else?
So, why then, and how ~ when I look in the mirror, can I not see that I have let parts of my essence slip away for the sake of editing?
I Reallllly Don’t Like Editing.

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