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Love/Hate Pendant

They started out a play on valentines day.
a dual sided pendant; with “love” stamped on one side, and “hate” on the other….
but now, they are little bits of art. meant to pull out emotion, and incite dialog.
you’ll either love them, or hate them, of this I am sure.
the duality of Love. for me, at least there is always the yin and the yang, the light, and the dark, the up and the down…. ergo, every love story also has a equal portion of hate. it’s nature’s law. balance.
the hearts, are copper – the colour of flesh. they are beat up and hammered, to show their journey thru wars, trials, lessons, time.
they are patina’d red and black to show their blood and bruises.
they each have a Gold filled Bezel, and a gem; symbolizing the preciousness and glitz of “love”. That which we cherish.
they have a purposefully black jump ring, indicating the seriousness of the duality.
They are aprox 3/4″ wide and 1″ long with the bail. They will arrive with a second Black Jump Ring , so that’s it
Garnet: a passionate gemstone that inspires love and mutual attraction. Enhances libido, as well as balances the wearer’s sexual energy. The colour of blood. And the colour of the base chakra – Sexual centre.
Sunstone – Is the energy of the sun. stimulates sexual arousal and increases sexual energy. Stimulates your personal power of attraction. Enhances leadership qualities.
Turquoise- the gem of protection, and self realization,. Helping you to better understand yourself, your ideas, and your emotions. Helps us communicate clearly what we want to others in a way they can understand.
Amber – a protective stone, shields against taking on others pain, good for cleansing of unwanted energy.

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