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“What is your most treasured piece of jewelry that you personally own, that is not your own per

Treasured* piece. Pretty much everything I have collected over the years from other artists, I treasure, and love.

So find my collection of treasures. I adore and treasure them all dearly. I hope you enjoy seeing. Some of these have never been featured in any of my photos before; and I went and took a special batch of fotos just now for you 🙂 ….

Top to bottom, Left to right

1. A) collection by Ceeb Wasserman. B) Pendant collection

2. ) A) NidarianPequod by Tosca Teran. B) Work by Phil Poirier

3. A) Articulated Claw, by Experimetal. (shown with my New Mexico cab pendant). B) Enamel by Ann Jenkins. C) Bracelets by Noah Kay

4. A) Sea Glass, unknown. B) Ring collection: Jessi Taylor, Bill Martin, Bill Martin, Unknown NM artist, Delias Thompson, Paul Phillips.

5. A) Amber, by Metal Riot. B) Enamel by Natsuko. C) NM cross by Rick Montano

6. A) glass by Elemental Mojo. B) Beadwork by Sandfibers. C) Pop! by Margaux Lange

7. A) beadwork by Phoot. B) glass from Bath, England. ( shown with my enameled inuksuk). C) Ndebele rope by Sandfibers

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