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“What thing/item have you created that you most treasure? (it might not be in your field of work, could be Anything)  :) And why?”

This is a tough one for me. I have lots of things I have made, that I treasure….. and in my mind’s eye, I have several projects of things I *plan* to make that I know I will treasure 🙂
So for right now I want to share with you a couple of the black and white photos I took During an Art course summer in New Mexico. I love these images. I have a couple Dozen that are my favourites, but I have pulled out just a couple for you 🙂 They were taken on an old Nikon camera with Black and White film, and usually a red filter, back in 1994; while I was attending the Taos Institute of Art. I have scanned the film, and edited them minimally in a computer program. But it is my hope to re-scan at a super high resolution and properly retouch my favourites, bringing out the enhanced qualities that I was not skilled enough to catch with only a camera back then 🙂
Image one: on top of one of the mountains near Taos, Nm. the aspen trees all had this curvature in a meadow. Most wonderful.

Image two: at the Martinez Hacienda, Taos, NM.
Image three: at the Taos Pueblo pow wow.
Image four: Chaco Canyon, NM (A world heritage site)
Image five: Chaco Canyon, NM
Image six: Martinez Hacienda, Taos, NM
Image seven: Chaco Canyon, NM

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