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What item do you most treasure made by another artist? ( if there is one) If not, how about what would you *like* to have?

Well. This is fun. And hard. I have a pretty good collection of art from others. And, I love it all!
If you’ve read my Blog, you will have seen my jewellery treasures by other artists in this post……
Now to share some other art πŸ™‚ (I’m sorry the photos are less than wonderful.) The art is amazing, and I will cherish it for a lifetime.
You all know about my leather collection, and dream catcher from the Pow Wow, in Taos, NM.
Sunflower Goddess, vase, and hand painted espresso cup, by Elisa Romero.
Knife by Tom Coles, and Tattoo by Tom Coles, Painting by Sara St. Lawrence.
Metal wall art Sculpture, by my Friend Stiles Thissell, Vase by Grayson Malone.
The dreamcatcher, is amazing. I bought the first summer I spent in Taos, NM. at the Pow Wow. That summer I was 20. And I was there taking art classes at the Taos Institute of Art. When the journey of my affair with metalsmithing and Jewellery making began. The photo of the dream catcher does not do it justice. It’s Huge. It spans 3 feet across. And it truly an epic work of art, with its turtle shell, and Fox head. It was my first purchase of anything I consider art, in my adult life. It is spectacular.
The sunflower Goddess picture, the vase, and the espresso cup were lovingly made by my dear friend Elisa. A woman who I first met by making her coffee, on Bent Street, in Taos. She is a very very talented artist. as well as brilliant writer of science fiction. The Sunflower Goddess was a portrait, a fantasy portrait, I guess, that I asked her to do for me. It is amazing. she captured an essence of me very well. The Vase she painted for weeks in a ceramic shop, which I ended up trading her for. It has the two women on it, the light on one side and the dark on the other. And if I remember correctly, they are sisters from a novel she wrote. The sunflower Espresso cup, was a birthday gift she made special for me. Espresso, being the love of coffee, and my job at the time, and well the sunflowers, based on the portrait are the obvious connection. I treasure it dearly, as you see it has gained a small chip. It sits on top of my espresso machine always. In fact, it is the only cup on top of my machine.
The knife. Hand forged by blacksmithing by my new friend and tattoo artist Tom Coles. Over the course of our collaboration of my sleeve tattoo – following photos – which it a true piece of art that I treasure dearly – and the newest in my collection; I spent many hours with Tom. We ( and his wife Sandy) became fast friends. Our shared love of Bluegrass music, and Alternative media is strong. During one session, I gave him a copper belt buckle, shaped like an Anvil. Which was a thank you, like a tip. During my next visit, Tom presented me with one of his handmade knives. which has been forged from an old railway spike. Lovely. I had been drooling on them in the shop’s display case. Lucky me! I wasn’t expecting a gift back!
The painting of the cherubs with Spurs was done by a woman I met thru a coffee shop in New Mexico. An artist. She was hanging a show on the walls there. The was a large painting I kick myself to this day for not trying to somehow find the money to buy. It was wonderful. and Surreal. I can’t describe it. But I still see it in my mind. I did trade a silver bracelet to her for this one though, which I adore and love. What you can’t see in the photo, is the use of music paper under the paint. with the lines of music coming thru in spots. Those would be the shiny areas, from the camera flash.
The steel sculpture. Also by a dear and wonderful friend. Stiles Thissell. Man of Steel. A brilliant and wonderful sculptor, making works including 20′ + yard sculptures. fantastic geometrical works. The first image, is a table piece, about 3′ tall. There are three pendants, if you will, which you can set in motion, like a clock ticker, from the centre point, They weigh differently, and will oscillate back and forth at varying rates for almost an hour. It’s almost kinetic. Very mesmerizing, and zen. I met Stiles thru a boyfriend at the time, and in a New gallery coop of about 8 artists, of which I was included with painters, and sculptors. It was exciting, we did group shows, and shared the gallery space. Stiles became a dear friend, and I respect and worship his work immensely! πŸ˜‰ Over time I acquired these other two enigmatic wall pieces. They’re a little odd. but they are perfect. I love them, with their faces. and the steel. Stiles has work all over the globe. During this time , I was also introduced to my dear friend, and Team Member here, Tosca Teran.
Finally, a recent acquisition from Artist Grayson Malone, whom I met on Etsy, and have also invited into this group of amazing artists on Etsy. I absolutely love this piece. It perfectly defines what I am drawn to – geometric shapes, and things feeling old, like relics, but modern, like concrete.
And…. I have an amazing collection of art from my bestist friend Lavanya, Photos from Phoot, and knit items from her Abhaya Fibers shop. And, a special Magic Wand. But all that will need a blog of it’s own πŸ™‚
……And now for what I covet to have next : A Handcrafted Banjo, From Doc’s Banjos.
Also A story. I met the man who handcrafts these Beautiful instruments, at the Bluegrass festival I went to in February, with my Mom, in Seattle. Getting to know Doc, and his wife Florissell was sweet also. I spent many hours drooling on their fine instruments. This picture does them no justice. Follow the link to have a look on their website. And of course it’s all about how wonderful they sound. They’re for playing, not hanging on the wall!

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