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“Do you consider yourself only a Jewellery artist, or do you work in multi media application, and/or draw techniques from other fields to use in the creations you’re working in?”

For me this is an easy answer.
No. Most Definitely Not.

I definitely do not consider myself a Jeweller. (It even sounds ridiculous in my mind when I think it and say it 😉 ) I prefer the idea of Metalsmith. To encompass the idea that I do not work with only Gold, or silver to create jewellery, or steel to weld, or bronze to cast…. But even this is limiting. I also cut stones – to use in my jewellery. This is a Lapidarist. I also do enamel, this is an Enamelist. Though these skills are *related* to Jeweller… they are strictly speaking, each their own Art Form. A person doing one, may not be assumed to do the others.

I also never ever confine myself to the prescribed ideas of an art form. I constantly am looking to other creative sources for inspiration and ideas, as well as other industries completely for ideas, and techniques, with which to adapt and bring into my creations. thru my hands and tools, to be something uniquely mine. By looking only within a single “discipline” I personally feel an artist will limit and confine their creativity, by forcing it into a box of a defined size. By climbing out of the box… the possibilities for creating and expanding as an artist are infinite. And so much more interesting and exciting.

I also believe that a creative person, an artist, usually is prone to be creative in more than just ONE aspect or disciple. (Whether they excel at it , or choose to mention and acknowledge it is another aspect completely…) For example; I also toy with painting and drawing, designing and working on the computer in graphics and 3D design, I also love photography, and the tools used after to apply filters and effects to an image, the manipulation. I enjoy working with clay. I like to explore writing. I also am actively learning a couple musical instruments. Most importantly, I love to learn, and explore. See with new eyes. Be inspired to do and create… in whatever means strikes me in the moment.

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