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“Are there specific artists you’d love to collaborate with? And what kinds of things would

Well. This is a hard question this month. In a good way. The short answer – is “YES.” I want to collaborate. With all kinds of other artisans, doing all kinds of things I probably can’t even imagine yet. 🙂

But, to elaborate, after giving it some thought, because believe it or not, off the top of my head I couldn’t come up with one things I am dying to do… but now, I have a few to share with you.

I would *LOVE* to work with a damascus steel artisan, someone who creates blades, especially, and collaborate on some truly beautiful; but fully functional fixed blade knives. This would draw on a blend most likely, of their hand created blades and my skills to create the handles.

One day, it would be my honour to collaborate with my fellow team mate here – Tosca Teran – on any great idea we have at the time. It would in this capacity, most likely include, metal, glass, and technology. And this, is something I do imagine may actually happen, at some point not too far in the future.

Additionally, I would love to work with a large scale sculptor. Of course, I am drawn to the metals, and welding- someone like my colleague and friend Stiles Thissell. Here, I think the boundaries of skills and ideas would blur, between each artisans’ skill set.

Another idea I would like to explore – is a mixed media collaboration… sort of. taking metal creations, photography ( photographed) and mixed in a digital world, adding Computer generated art and graphics. Though, this could be three artisans… it could also all by from my own hand as well….

I’d like to collaborate with another/other artisans creating jewellery/sculpture/installation that combines technological elements such as computer interface, and interactivity; modernistic elements such as fiber optics, and led lights. touch screen interaction… with more traditional forms of art such as metal, welding sculpture, jewellery, etc.

And of course there is probably another 5 dozen things I’d like to collaborate on, given the opportunity. 🙂

And finally – A little collaboration from the past.

My creation “All Good TV’s Go To Heaven”, 1998/1999

A Colleague liked to create art by packing old tv’s with spray paint cans and shooting them up with firearms of all types. As a result of the bullets hitting the tv’s, the screens would shatter, and the spray paint cans would explode. To which would splatter patterns in techno colour on the waiting canvases behind. This was his creation from the action. I picked up the pieces of paint splattered tv screen glass, as well as various bits and pieces such as knobs, antenna parts, logos, etc; and emptied ammunition shells. And created the resulting piece. A kaleidoscope of brilliant colour. All that remained of the sacrificed tv’s.

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