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“Where do you draw your inspirations for creating from?”

As always, This is a difficult one for me to answer; so…… I think I am gonna take you on a photo essay for my answer 🙂

My personal reminder – “Create” . This is who I am.

Rocks – I often don’t know what I want to make until I look at the stones I what to use that day.

Beautiful Scenery. Especially Winter. 🙂

Music. Always music. Must have a Studio playlist at all times.

Tools. (a shot of my favourite hammers)

Striving for Excellence (2010 Winter Olympic Flame Relay, passing thru my hometown.)

Things to be repurposed.

My family, the felines.

Captured moments. In a back alley – “free bike”.

My cameras, and taking pictures that inspire. I use my lens to explore creativity.

My private collection of amazing work by others. ( A sample of some jewellery in my collection)

Exploring my own creativity, the view, and of course – going outside 🙂

Technology – and using computer apps to alter and design stuff.

Mountain Meadows, fresh air, and forests.

Beauty in everything – the engraving on these revolvers is a work of art. As is the craftsmanship of a 100 year old handgun.

Patterns on circuit boards make my eyes happy.

Winter. 🙂

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