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“What teachers/mentors/masters would  you like to study with?”

Well… I suppose there is a lot of people I’d love to study with. Many don’t have names… Just things I know I want to learn.

One person, however, I have wanted to spend time learning from for well over a decade – is Charles Lewton-Brain. Charles is a master metalsmith, and brilliant thinker. He is not confined by a box – as seen in several of his published titles – including “Cheap Thrills in the Tool Shop” which teaches you haw to gain many of the tools you may desire, from alternative sources. (Here’s a great Compilation of over 10 of his books, together on a CD, a must have ). Very wise thinking. I had the opportunity many years ago, in the mid 1990’s to take a workshop with Charles, and discovered that he is also a wonderful teacher – something , that surprisingly is quite rare for jewellery workshops, in my opinion. (Many jewellery artists are Master craftsmen, but poor teachers.) At the time, the course involved many of the Fold-Forming Techniques that he has developed and taught, which you will see in his work, and many that are more highly used today in many people’s work. You can see some examples of Charles’ work HERE. Charles is a prolific writer, and publisher of jewellery techniques from tool making, to patinas, to fold forming, to photography, and more. He is a a wonderful teacher and a great person.

During the early 2000’s, I deeply considered attending the Alberta College of Art and Design, where Charles was (is?) the head of the Jewellery program. For the opportunity to study with him, and learn. However, I decided to go to Revere Academy instead – A choice I very much *wish* I could take back and Change. I would still love the opportunity to study with Charles, at some point.

As well, some other the other things I would love to learn – would include studying with artists who could expand my skills in areas such as learning to incorporate more multimedia into my work, such as LED lighting and circuitry, fiber optics, machine like parts. I would also like to expand to a bigger scale sculpture creating module – such as learning better and more refined welding skills; to create – again, more multimedia type sculptures incorporating bigger works with mechanical parts , fiber optic, lighting, etc…..

Tosca Teran comes to mind here!!!!!!! Her skills with Glass would surely be something I would also love to learn and incorporate into both these directions. As you know I have mentioned the Desire to Collaborate with Tosca in the past – But really I would love to to be her student for a long time too 🙂 I know I could learn a LOT from her!!! And of course, as you know, I am Team Members with Tosca, as part of the Handmade Division Team, as well as good friends from a way back 🙂 So we are sure to collaborate, I m bound to learn, and someday we may do a teaching venture together. Tosca has her own studio in Toronto where she teaches, FYI. Check it out~ Nanopod Hybrid Studio.

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