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Food for thought~

Last week, a New Acquaintance from Twitter, and I had been talking about various things.
She discovered by reading my profile on my website, that I used to compete in Freestyle Skiing.
And told me her sons are into Freestyle skiing.
But often we talk about local stuff, business, and such… It’s always interesting to interact with new people. I think it keeps your perspective of yourself fresh…. (This was an angle I don’t think I had specifically tracked out in my mind…)
And she asked me this :
Does your Freestyle experience help now? (in business and life..)
It made me stop , for a moment, and think…….
But the answer was easy: Unequivocally *yes*.
It may seem at first glance that being a competitive athlete , and an artist are pretty far away in the “related career” scale…. but…. Here’s how I break it down:
Freestyle skiing made me *WHO* I am today. The core of my being draws from what began there.
As an athlete, I found the strength to persevere, the drive to keep learning and getting better, the drive and desire to do my best, and the desire to be on the front edge of the wave – to be my own best. To not accept anything but my own best efforts. To be creative in my problem solving.
To never listen/ and allow *anyone* to tell me “It can’t be done”.
To be strong , positive, and independent. To pursue my own vision. To push the limits.
To Go After What I Want.
And Get It.
…. So yes. Freestyle Made Me Who I am.
As an artist – All these things apply. Perfectly.
For Being an artist – and in life.
I can’t imagine a better life experience to carry with me, forward , into all I do.
(Many thanks to all the amazing coaches who allowed me to learn all these fabulous lessons, and guide me to them.)

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