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Snow Vacation (snowflake project)

A Couple months ago, I was contacted thru my website by a visitor to my hometown, Rossland, BC. Roland was here visiting from Australia for the winter, working in the ski resort, And wanted to commission me to create a keepsake for his time here. It was a most enjoyable project – as you all know how much I love * all things snowflake* As we discussed ideas, and looked at some of my past works, this is what transpired. A snowflake pendant – but done in reverse, so to better capture the patina, and an overall total black finish. And a rough ring, with a snowflake.

While discussing the concept of the ring, I wasn’t sure I would be able to hand saw out a snowflake at a small enough size, to be satisfied with the outcome. But I am always up for a good saw challenge! So I did three, this was the best of them.( Roland picked this one out – Thou I was sure I could still get a better one…) It’s not perfect, but I think it is pretty okay. The overall size is approximately 8mm across. (The ring band is aprox 11mm width.)

I am thrilled with the outcome of this ring. The snowflake of course – I love. And the ring was fashioned after one I love, and wear daily, that is rough and battered, and blackened in the recesses. In my mind it gives an old archaic feel like dug up iron, or old broken concrete pads. I personally love the hammer marks, and file marks. I think the character is wonderful. And the black patina is one I always love. Over all – I love how this ring turned out.

If it fit me….. I probably would have “accidentally” lost it… 😉 (right into my pocket)…..

The pendant is silver on silver, with a very blackened patina, and approximately 1.25″ across.
Again, I always love a patina finish – but the idea of a “full black” snowflake was intriguing, and I think the outcome is truly fabulous. I also think the snowflake design came out very well. Much easier to saw out on such a big size!!

The black is understated, but yet elegant. Mysterious.

Roland asked me to use the words on the back “Lorem Ipsum” (which you will see on both) meaning roughly (in sum) “pain, pleasure, happiness and obligation”. Full translation here.
He also is very athletic, and wanted to represent the bicycle somehow. In the end, we decided to engrave a little gear set and bike chain on the back of the pendant. It’s meant to look more like a sketch, not be perfect.

Anyway…..What a great project. I don’t take a tonn of custom orders – as I find that often they hem in my creative style. I don’t like feeling fenced in by the need for a very specific outcome. So when I do take custom stuff, it’s usually where I have pretty much all the creative freedom to see the outcome as I see fit……. But anything revolving around snowflakes definitely gets my stamp of approval, and an enthusiastic “yes”.

I really enjoyed this one, and am thrilled with the outcome. (So thanks for that!!)

I definitely foresee more snowflake rings, and black snowflakes in my future.

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