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March’s Topic: ”best childhood/ younger years memory?”

March’s Topic: ”best childhood/ younger years memory?”
March Blog-o-sphere group blog ~ What is your best childhood memory?
This is an easy one for me.
Ever since the year I was born, my family spends a few weeks in July in a special valley in southern BC, Canada. (and no, I’m not gonna tell you where it is, it’s mine!!) It has forever been my favourite place on the planet, filled with pages of wonderful memories. When I was growing up, it would take us at least 8 hours in a truck, hauling a trailer to reach this place….. The valley is many miles into the wilderness, on logging truck roads. It is not a public camp site with stalls, and hookups. It’s a meadow, in the mountains, with an outhouse. And an amazing group of friends and family that also go every year – same time same place; to this day. I am thrilled now, as I live about 3.5 hours away from my Place, though funny enough I don’t go any more often. I guess it seems weird to think about visiting there without everyone else.
…. and you’ll know I *really* love this place when I say this: There is no cellular service out there (except when you ride your motorbike to a nearby mountain top….) so for me, you know, that’s BIG!! …. complete disconnection from the grid. No internet. No texting. no emails. no facebook…. Yes. it’s really hard for me 😉 But worth it….
So, One of the things that possibly impacted me most – on being Who I Am now, that came from my time in this special place every summer….. was that every year, I would spend hours and hours, trolling the hills, roadsides, creek beds, meadows,… etc… for rocks. Filling my pockets as full as I could. Till they were too heavy to carry. (yes, I still do this, and yes, I still have rocks from then in my possession…. ) But picking up rocks is a piece of the foundation of ME. I did this every summer there. It was something I always looked forward to – because the rocks there were infinitely so much more wonderful and colourful and abundant, than Home…. Rocks lead me to more “precious” stones… and to creating jewellery…. so without the pockets and boxes of rocks I drug home each and every childhood summer….. I might have never started making jewellery…..
So, I am gonna take you on a mini photo safari with some pics going back to my collection at about age 7.

(captions from photos)
starting with my favourite tree- found in southern Alberta, on the drive there. I took this photo in about 1987.

me, on my first motorbike, about age 7. giving my cousin a ride.

upgrading to a new bigger bike….

me, with a pet mouse… about age 7

one summer I took my kitten randy with me

an old trappers cabin out in the woods.

another old cabin, you’ll see when you walk the old trails in the woods.

part of the view in our valley

the wildflowers. there are also wild strawberries everywhere.

where we live.

rough life in the valley

my home usually looks a little more like this….

and we play a lot of music. day and night.

visit the nearby lakes ( I took this photo also when I was very young. In the 1980’s)

enjoy watching the abundance of wildlife (there is also moose, bear, cougar, and many other things..)

also, my dog’s favourite place on the planet (when he was alive) This is one of my all time favourite photos of him.

he carried this log, at least 6′ or 7′ long for about 2 miles walking one night.

he was wet 24/7 out there, and swam like a beaver (typical labrador retriever)

Java jumping into a favourite swimming / fishing hole

and don’t forget the motorbikes. My brothers and I heading out for a day ride, a couple summers ago.

funny enough, my first solo ride, last summer. (who rides alone when you have brothers?)

where I went….(mountain top view to the neighbouring mountains)

why we come here: the road less travelled.

my rides – last summer. getting in to camp in a car is precarious business. my brother brings my bike. the first thing I do is jump out and hug it! yes, the bike.

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