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Cleaning house~

You know, when you read things often termed as “New Age” writings…. you often hear things to the tune of: “You’ve got to remove the things/people/ideas that no longer serve you – in order to open up the space for the things you do desire to come into your life.”
… And really, I think there is truth in here…..
I think, if you’re constantly focused and obsessing on things that Have happened, that you Cannot change, that you no longer desire… your focus is facing backwards. You are looking back. Re-living over and over that which has already happened…. Like chasing your tail, you’ll never catch it. The “What if I had… ?” doesn’t matter….. You didn’t.
After all, how can you move forward, when you’re looking back?
I also think, sometimes we have the courage to do this for ourselves; and sometimes we don’t. (Though, personally I feel- why would you want to hang on to the old instead of discovering the new?)
Sometimes we will walk away from that which no longer serves us well. We leave jobs we dislike. We move on from friends & lovers who have not changed with us. We Learn new ideas and thoughts when the old ones don’t work…..

And sometimes, the universe helps us out with a nudge. Or a big ‘ole shake rattle and roll…
This is a blessing and a gift. Shake us out of the zombie walk we fall into… following mindlessly….
To move past the things that are negative. To open the space and heart for the things which are positive.
Opening our eyes and heart to Seeing once again. Living.
Yes. Change can be hard. (Especially when we fight it, and struggle with it, and make it such..)
but change is always good….
We grow.
We learn.
We move forward….
Hopefully with an open and willing heart and mind.

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