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So here are my thoughts for today:
It’s *all* about Love.
The only thing that matters; is love.
The one and only thought that ought to occupy our minds~ is love.
We should strive to enter each and every moment, with our hearts and minds open; we should hope to offer up all the love and compassion we know; we should love each person and relationship in our lives, with everything we’ve got. Our retrospection should first ask: “Have I loved here as deeply as I can?”
Because at the end of the day, we are naked. We are nothing , but what is within us. We are the only one soul who can choose our personal path, our personal experience, our personal outcome – in each and every situation we work thru. Grow. And learn.
A couple months ago I spoke to someone who expressed in a way that categorized a relationship, a potential love – as a “calculated risk”….. (it was in reference to my own life actually, and a “risk” I had taken.)
(And I mean no disrespect to my friend, or anyone, for I respect everyone having their own ideas and beliefs.) But I had to personally disagree – at least in my own strong convictions.
~< What I do love about moments like these, talking with friends and acquaintances, reading blogs, seeing moments around me; is that when I hear something differing from my own ideas, it allows me – begs me – to reflect, and examine my own personal ideas and beliefs about something. Maybe grow and change in my own thoughts as a result, in one direction , or another…. But to examine it, and see if it still fit me. See if it still really reflects Who I am. >~
Anyway….. This opened my eyes. Calculated Risk. Love. …… Is it worth it? Should I think about it in my left brain, with logic? weigh the pro’s and con’s? Should I interview? Read reviews? ….
…… This breaks my heart. Where can what the heart feels factor into that?
For me there is but one thing: Love.
At all costs and risks, without protective clothing and safety gear.
To follow what your heart tells you, asks you – fully
To jump in, when it feels right.
There is nothing else.
Without trusting the heart, there is no true love.
When you allow your heart to lead you, you live fully.
And for me the willingness to trust the heart and to put love first; is as essential as the air we require to breathe. And live.
So there it is. I will always follow what my heart tells me is right.
This is not an option or a risk. It is what is meant to be.

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