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October’s Topic: What is your favourite season?

October’s Topic: What is your favourite season?

Winter Is my favourite season ~ Blog-o-sphere Think Tank October Blog

Easy one for me

Winter. Hands down.

I love everything about it.

The bright days, the painfully deep blue sky, white blankets of snow everywhere, the softened sounds muffled by the snow, the intake of cold air in your lungs, your skin feeling alive from the cold, quietly skiing thru the forest, a sense that all is right, pure, knowing the earth is soon to wake up and scream Green again… the time of rest, and reflection, long winter nights in front of a fireplace, cracking flames, a good book, the comfort of kitties snuggling in close to share warmth…

And the obvious. Skiing. Skiing, and more skiing. Showshoeing. Cross country skiing….. Winter camping…

I love winter. Even in the painful cold of it, I love it. It is my favourite. I am a snow and mountains girl. Having said that, I don’t WANT the coldest of weather… I like the climate where I am now , where it is just cold enough for snow – but we get lots of it. But I still love the way a cold winter day makes you feel alive.

And then; there is Autumn. Golden colours, deep in their richness, a treat to the senses. the smell of fallen leaves. Light slanting sideways in the sky, golden, fractured, precious.

I like Autumn next best, for it’s beautiy.. and it’s one step closer to Winter 🙂

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