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November’s Topic: “What am I thankful for?”

November’s Topic: “What am I thankful for?”

What do I give thanks for? ~ Blog-o-sphere Think Tank November Blog

Amazing friends and family. (* I love you all! xo)

Creating. Making Jewellery, Taking fotos, Writing blogs…

An excellent job, that I like, am well paid for, and an appreciated at.

Feline companions that bring fill my life with love and joy.

Feeling the joy and depth of feelings in a life *lived* (all the rawness, and realness, happy and sad.)

Having the ability to choose to live in a place that I love, in all it’s beauty.

Forests, Mountains, Sunshine, Fresh Air, Solitude, Wildflowers….

Getting to play outside. Ski, bike, snowshoe.

To live in a country like Canada.

Great coffee.

My techy Gadgets (*iphones, macs, ipads, etc..)

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