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February’s Topic: Who is most inspiring person in in your life?

February’s Topic: Who is most inspiring person in your life?

Who Inspires? – February Blog-o-sphere think tank blog

Well, in typical form…. I have a few… Both known to me, and people I don’t personally know….

Jan (Bucher) Carmichael

Who was an amazing inspiration as an athlete for me, when I was young and up and coming in the world of competitive skiing. Jan was a strong, skilled, amazing athlete. Top Women’s Ballet skier, in the world, for many years, and rightly so; she earned it. Then; Jan became my coach, and gave me the gift of Believing in me. She pushed me forward. And always told me “you can do this.” Which, sadly enough, was not the message I got from all my coaches. Additionally – also an amazing coach. (Not everyone is.) I will always be grateful for knowing Jan personally, and having her not only as a role model, but as a friend, and a positive influence in my life. I’m happy to say, we’re still in touch.

My Mom.

Who, because we were just talking about my career in Freestyle Skiing, I am adding this picture 🙂

Because…. I’m pretty sure I learned from her (among other things) how to be strong, and independent, and think for myself. Who I learned “It isn’t a question if who’s going to let me, but who’s going to stop me” type of thinking. My mom never stops. She inspires me because, additionally, even at a … mom age… she’s taking guitar lessons. (she’s a great musician with lots of other instruments, but never stops learning.) She also just never stops “doing.”

Phil Poirier.

Master goldsmith. One of my very first teachers, and a true inspiration. A man who has impeccable skill. Does everything to perfection. Knows not just one skill very well, but many, many , many skills – which is what sets him apart from so many other metalsmiths. He also never stops learning, and exploring, evolving. And equally as important – an excellent teacher. Also something that sets him apart – being an excellent craftsman does not equal being an excellent teacher. ( an experience I have sadly learned the hard way as well.) Even now, creating new tools for our industry, with Bonny Doon Engineering.

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