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My little bits of wisdom~

  1. Life is a vast opportunity of learning, and growth. Some of it hard, and challenging…. I’ve been in a state of contemplation lately, looking inward. I don’t like to spend a lot of time “looking back” ~ because we can’t change the past. But we can learn from it. And we should. We should learn from what’s there, and grow, and move forward. I’m coming up against a “notable” birthday soon…. so I suppose that some of that factors into my contemplation lately. Well, but a lot of things do. Thinking about where I am, what I am doing, and with whom. And of course – the things that actually matter.

  2. Anyway, A few things come to mind I thought I’d share that I’ve picked up along the way. The words I try to live by, the rules or operation…. In no particular order. I’m sure there is a lot more. But that’s all for now.

  3. Trust needs be earned, not given freely.

  4. Every relationship* should be equal parts of give and take. Don’t be a Taker. Don’t be a Giver. Give as much as you get. (*and by relationship I mean any person in your life with whom you interact.)

  5. Trust your gut feelings. They don’t usually lead you astray.

  6. Do what you love – for the sake of doing them.

  7. Don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life. It’s yours alone.

  8. Always speak the truth.

  9. Do the right thing. (*which most certainly is likely to not be the easiest, or simplest)

  10. No one should ever be made to feel “Less Than”. If you are feeling this way – walk away. Change it.

  11. The only person who can change your life – is you.

  12. The only person responsible for your life- is you. (events, actions, choices, etc)

  13. Change is good. It hopefully means you’re learning, and growing.

  14. People will come and go in your life. It’s very unlikely they will grow at the same rate, and in the same direction. When it’s time to say goodbye… do so , with an open heart.

  15. Keep your heart open. Noone can be held to someone else’s actions. (*just because the last guy hurt you, doesn’t mean the next one will behave the same.)

  16. Say what you need to say. Don’t hold it inside.

  17. Live in today. Tomorrow never arrives.

  18. Be strong. Don’t let anyone treat you badly, make you feel like a victim, take advantage of you. Stand up.

  19. Be who you are. Your own uniqueness is what makes you shine.

  20. Try to be compassionate, and think about being in another’s place; before speaking, responding, acting, assuming.

  21. The only person you have the right to judge, is your self.

  22. Think: before acting, speaking.

  23. If you want something; do the work and make it happen.

  24. Don’t give up.

  25. If someone has hurt you on purpose – don’t give them the satisfaction of knowing they succeeded. (*or is someone is trying to piss you off, annoy you, attack you, get under your skin, etc. Whatever it is – never give them the satisfaction and power of thinking / knowing they did so.) Just hold your head high. Walk away. Don’t respond.

  26. You are in charge of you.

  27. Go outside and play.

  28. Set a good example. Be a good role model. Walk the walk, talk the talk. You can’t really ask someone to do something you yourself aren’t.

  29. Love fiercely. (in all your relationships) – Cause really, if you don’t feel this way, why is that person in your life?

  30. Don’t let anyone tell you there is anything you can’t do/have/accomplish. Of course you can. (And you can definitely Try!!)

  31. Focus on the Good Things. Enjoy how they feel; And build on it.

  32. Operate with Respect, Truth, and Honour. (*see this blog post)

  33. If you have a cat, be sure to give them cardboard boxes to sit in 🙂

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