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December’s topic: “Best gift you’ve ever gotten. And why?”

December’s topic: “Best gift you’ve ever gotten. And why?”

Thankful~ December Blog-o-sphere Think Tank

I’m gonna go with three here…….

The thing that I am thankful for every day – is the gift of amazing friends and family; those near, and those far – those I have met in life, and those I know only online. You all are a gift to me, as a part of my life. <3

The more recent : Last year in December, my parents helped my trade my Subaru, for a Nissan Frontier 4×4 Truck. For that, I am forever thankful. Great gift! The reason it matters, is I live in the snowy mountains of Canada, where winter is long, and the snow is deep. Yes; an wheel drive car was reasonable…. but not the safest, best choice for this climate. I wanted to get into a 4×4 truck for my own safety. I am a very good winter driver… but extreme winter weather happens, And then there are all the other not so great drivers out there….. So it gives me great peace of mind to be in a bigger vehicle, with 4×4, in this place. Not to mention, it’s a very lovely truck. And, I can put my motorbike in the back!! Can’t do that with a car! It has been a blessing, and a joy to have, despite the higher costs to fuel it, maintain it, and keep it happy.

Meet SSB: (Super Sexy Beast) He’s a 2008 Frontier.

The other best gift I ever got….. The summer of 1994. My parents allowed me to spend the summer In Taos, New Mexico; where I took art classes at the Taos Institute of Art. Being submersed in a very different culture, so very far from home, taking photography, potter, and…. silversmithing~ changed the course of my life forever. I took two beginner classes with Marilynn Nicholson, and two advanced classes with Phil Poirier. Both amazing, brilliant jewellery artists, as well and fabulous teachers. The two of them changed the course of my life, setting me on the path of making jewellery. And also from their skills as teachers – showed me from the beginning what a “good” teacher does. (I’ve had several NOT good ones since – and let me say, being an amazing artist does not give you the gift of being a great teacher…) So this gift – was from my parents for supporting my being there, and from Marilynn and Phil for teaching me the skills and passion to be on my chosen path. For that I am forever grateful. Today, I try my best to offer support and guidance to the metalsmiths out there with less experience than myself. I do my best to teach, when I can, and give back that which was given to me.

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