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March’s topic: “Do the seasons affect/inspire you? In what way?”

March’s topic: “Do the seasons affect/inspire you? In what way?”

Seasonal effects~ March Blog-O-Sphere Think Tank

I definitely feel the pull of the seasons. Winter, is my favourite season, as most of you know. But it’s also the hardest to exist. I want to curl up, and sleep like I’m hibernating. I don’t like being up when it’s dark, which means I want to sleep till 9am, and go to bed at 6:30pm. Resisting that pull is difficult. And then to go on and do things…..

Spring…. I like the smell of fresh growth. The vibrant green of new life. Longer days, lighter mornings… Everything so full or promise, potential, abundance…

Or, the rainy season; known as “spring ” here. It can really drag on and get your spirits down. But man oh man, when it’s done everything is *SO* green . Like a technicolour neon dream….

Summer….. Good for lots of the sports I enjoy: biking, hiking, climbing, motorbiking…But I don’t like the heat. Summer is my least favourite season because of that. Bu ti do love the very long days we get here in Canada, with dusk fulling at 10pm at night…. And dawn lighting the edge of the horizon at 3:45am. No, I am not kidding. The cats get up with the sun, therefor there is no sleeping in for me wither in the summer!

Autumn…. Second favourite because winter is coming. The nights are cool, and fresh. The light gets that magical amber tint.But I start feeling the pull of wanting to sleep 12 hours a night or more…

In terms of creating, I don’t think any season specifically inspires me more than others. They each have their own specialness that shines out into everything you do and see, feel, and smell. It’s more about the amount of daylight, and therefor the hours in the day which become productive that affect me. But then in winter, perhaps I think more, meditate more, ponder what I am doing, and that goes into what I create… more thought, and time…

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