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April’s topic: “What inspires you?”

April’s topic: “What inspires you?”
Inspiration ~ April’s Blog-o-Sphere Think Tank
I am inspired….. Simply by what comes from within….
I know that We are all in control of our own destinies. Our Path, Our Happiness, Our direction…
I am inspired in my studio; when I create, from the simple act:
That I Know That I Can;
and also from:
Knowing That Anything Is Possible.
Setting limits for yourself creates a barrier you are not likely cross. Isn’t it more exciting, interesting, fulfilling to not have a wall such as that? To know that if you TRY, you will achieve. Such that: If you think you can run 1 mile. only. ever. perhaps you may reach .75 miles. Where as if you think you can reach 10 miles, you may reach 7 miles. And should you think that you have the ability to keep improving and running further, then you may achieve running 50 miles. Maybe more. No limits….n

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