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September topic is “What advice would you give to your Younger self, knowing what you know now?”

The September topic is “What advice would you give to your Younger self, knowing what you know now?”
To My Younger Self ~ September Blog-o-Sphere Think Tank
Well… for starters…. It’s a pretty well known fact that I *might be a little stubborn* …. so…. Even if I could tell my younger self all kinds of bits of wisdom; I probably would nod my head politely, with glazed eyes, and carry on…. In the same way I possibly did to anyone else who tried to tell me pearls of wisdom at 20…and the same way I *might* react the same way now….
What I do know, is that I like to learn. I like to work thru things on my own. And I like to keep growing, and unwinding the puzzle of it all. Things that – at 20 I could not fathom; I understood at 30. And things I didn’t realize I didn’t know at 30…. are far far clearer at 40…. so while I may *now* think I have much wisdom, and learning under my belt; there is no doubt in my mind that my 50 year old self will shake her finger at my 40 year old self. And my 60 year old self will probably giggle endlessly at my 50 year old self….
Having said that… When I was 20, I was a National Team Athlete. So I wasn’t exactly your typical person at that age. No partying, no boy craziness, college and carefree-ness happening. I had been competing at a high level for a few years, and traveling as an adult, responsible for getting myself to training, school, and working, living alone in the city…. I was pretty mature. And Travelled. Not to mention dedicated, and with an intense focus on what I was doing, – my Career as an athlete….. Possibly even the reason I was more Strong Willed….
Time Spent Reflecting is Time Well Spent….. Took Garnet out for a longgggg ride a couple weeks ago. Needed to do some thinking..So…. Having said that…. I suppose my first bit of advice to my younger self would be:
1. Never stop learning. Never stop growing. Never stop being open. Never stop exploring…..
Because: You Will Never Have All The Answers. Ever. Even when you think you got it…. you don’t. Everything keeps growing, expanding, changing. And if it’s stopped…. It’s probably Dead. And that, my Younger Self- is a Very Very Very Bad thing.
2. Always, always be true to your Self. Be exactly who YOU want to be [Who You ARE.] What You feel, and what you want; is the most important opinion. Follow the path that sings the magic song specially for you. Do what makes your heart sing. Take risks for what you Believe in with your Core Being. Be the person that shines your secret unique colour brightest. Anything less; is a disservice to the gift you’ve been given being alive: here, and now.
3. Follow a Code: Truth. Honesty. Respect. Honour. Compassion. Love.
The truth is always important. Be truthful. Find what’s true for you. Act in truth. Be true to your self. Be true to what you stand for, and with….
Honesty is the base of all trust, and respect. Brutal honesty is still better than lies. It can be a hard conversation (with others, or even with your self) so be as kind and caring with it as possible. Honesty is the foundation of all real relationships.
Treat all beings with the upmost respect, how you wish to be treated. Respect is letting someone speak. Letting others have their own opinions and respecting that that may be different from yours. Respect that people you love may make choices and decisions that you would do differently – but respect is letting them, because it is theirs alone to choose. Respect is giving what is asked….
Act with honour. Be present in your actions at all times. Be aware that your words, actions and behaviours have consequences. How will they affect others? Do the right thing.
Feel compassion for every living breathing being…. Live with compassion in your actions. In your intention.
Every action should come from a place of Love. Love fully, love deeply, Give love without strings, and conditions. Keep loving, even when you feel hurt, and broken. The way higher, and forward, and thru.. is to keep, every day, coming from a place of pure, limitless love.
4. Try your hardest to never have regrets. You never want to get to that point, when you look back, and think: “Oh I wish I would have Done THAT.” Do it [whatever is is] when you can. When you have the chance. when you want to. Take the risk. Because you can never go back and change things. You have only now. I’ve never heard anyone say “Wow… I did tooooooo many of the things I wanted to in my life!!!” Keep that in mind whenever you’re thinking “Should I?”…
5. And here’s the hardest: Never Judge, never assume. EVER. The only judgements you are qualified to apply – is to your own actions, thoughts, behaviours… Yours. That’s it. And assumptions? Always a bad choice. If you are unclear – Ask. Do research. Learn.

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