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October’s topic: ” Do you believe in Destiny / Fate?”

October’s topic: ” Do you believe in Destiny / Fate?”

What about Fate? ~ October’s Blog-o-sphere Think tank

In short, my answer is Yes. Always Yes…..

Many times I have felt the tingling and prickle in the sense of your being… that accompanies that “being in the right place and the right time”, and recognizing it for the moment it is…. Facing forward. Leaning in. Floating in the flow. Anticipating the deliciousness of life. Being alive. Things feel shiny, sparkly, electrical…..

I have the kanji for “Believe” tattooed on my right hand. It is a constant and visual reminder for me to be present. Pay attention to the feelings, be aware of the choices. I wanted the constant reminder. When I see it, I choose to be present in all my choices and actions… To stop fighting the current, and allow myself to ride the flow in the right direction…..

I believe that the universe does have a way of lining things up for us…. and Then, when you get out of your own way, when you stop swimming up stream, when you follow your own instincts, and intuitions; trusting your gut feelings….. that the path is full of choices that can be thought of as “Fate” and/or “Destiny”. There they are; all waiting in front or you, ripe for the picking… ..However, like all things, I believe that there is free will, and always a choice. You can choose to step into your Fate. [Any of your fates!] Or you can choose to turn away, Choose to make a different choice. Move in which ever direction you want. I also believe that there is not just ever only ONE fate. One path. One choice. One Soul Mate. There are multitudes! Endless possibilities! And even several in front of you at any given time!!… Which, of course makes life & choices all the more complicated… and all the more reason to be as tuned into that gut feeling as possible. Be open to all the possibilities…

I believe that as time passes in our lives, things shift and change as we we ourselves change and grow. What once might have been the “shining fateful path” 10 years ago, may not be the right choice and path if/when you stand at the foot of it now. [Should you have made a choice to wander Back down the path and revisit opening that door…] When we step forward each and every day, our destinies shift. Every choice we make, changes what is on front of us the following day. Along with remembering there may not only be just one perfect right choice waiting for you. There may be several…. Free will. Multitude of paths.

As example, The person you felt was your soul mate when you were 25, is no longer the one who stands before you now…. And on the topic of Soul Mates, and how they weave into “fate”, I feel that there is not just one singular ‘soul mate’ in a person’s life. There may be many. Perhaps you identify them as Soul Sisters, Sisters, and Best Friends. That person you love and trust more than anyone, sometimes just for no reasons you can put a finger on… These are the soul connections…. Sometimes they are lovers; life long companions; souls we know only for a moment but recognize as Important; the sisters and best friends; people we have felt deep love for, but perhaps missed our destined timing for *that* connection with. Maybe they’re in your life still, and you feel the fiber of that oh so special connection; but you know in your being that you didn’t open that door, make that choice. No matter what, you recognize these people in your life, that connection is there. They are the gift you are thankful for knowing, and having. The ones you can count on, who have your back… And perhaps one of them is the Special One. The one with which you Opened the Door, followed the path, made the choice, Leaned in to; the perfect Mirror of your being, your soul, with who you are connected so deeply; meant to be…

I Believe that we are are exactly where you are meant to be. [With that multitude of choices in front of us always,] ….That when you stop swimming upstream, when you allow your self to ride the universal energy flow freely, you will feel that shiny tingly thing that is the little sensation letting you know your steering is right on.

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