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November’s topic: ” What is your definition of perfection?”

November’s topic: ” What is your definition of perfection?”

Perfection~ November Think Tank Blog

Perfection is one of those shifty, elusive things- in my mind. It’s there for a moment, and you know it like the warmth of the sun on your skin; when you feel it. It’s a gift in a moment…. But what is it? It’s that feeling or moment or thing that makes you completely happy in that instant. The thing that makes you glow, shine….. I don’t think there is a formula for Perfection. Or a place, or a thing. It’s just there when it’s there….So, please enjoy some photo captures of moments that have been perfect for me.

Sweetest Hot Pink Riding jacket complete with elbow, shoulder and back armor.

Perfect day for a ride, and stopping at Stag Leap Park.

Mica, snuggled under the covers sleeping, and batting his “sparkly eyes” at me

Jade, playing fetch with her new favourite toy, the straw, aka, stick.

Early morning sunbeams, and early morning cat company, from Jasper

Alternative Art…. (I mean, A collection of used toothbrushes… )

Western Hollowform earrings. Sometimes creations just work out so perfectly

The brightest pink-red maple leaves falling.

Jade, being my baby girl snuggling on my lap.

JetLI, keeping me company at the computer desk. He’d be here right now with me, like this, if he was still among us.

Jasper and Mica paws, all tangled up while sleeping.

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