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December’s topic: ” What traditions [or celebrations / or routines] are important to you?”

December’s topic: ” What traditions [or celebrations / or routines] are important to you?”
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I’m the kind of person that really marches to the beat of my own drum, walking along my own path. I lead, not follow. So… I don’t subscribe to what most people have as deeply meaningful traditions and celebrations. I follow my heart, and focus on what’s important to me in that realm. I am also not in a position of responsibility with children (rather – I don’t have the pressure to conform for their benefit) So that makes it simple to do what’s important to me, and me alone… I’m also not what I like to call an “over-sharer”; So I’m not really going to tell you about the things that do have strong personal meaning to me, as it’s personal, and private. There are a few things I do have strong feelings about though, that I am happy to share:
For many years I skied competitively, and being a winter birthday, I spent all those years on my birthday, on skis, training or competing…. so now, I still try to always be skiing on my birthday. That’s one of my biggest personal traditions. It’s the only way that day seems to be *right*.

Weekend coffee Ritual. I always start every saturday and sunday with the best cup around. I’m very much a “coffee snob” so, this is the best there is. Commercial grade espresso machine. What do I make? Well, I don’t ingest dairy, so I use a blend of Almond milk, and Soy coffee creamer, as the “dairy” portion (the creamer makes a really nice foam, for cappuccinos). I like my coffee flavour strong, so I drink more of a traditional Cappuccino, with equal parts milk to espresso. In my cup is: the almond-soy milk, a dash of coconut flavour (by monin, they are the only syrup worth buying) and 6 shots of decaf espresso. Foamed to the perfect drinking temperature, and always in a favourite Barbara Donovan Pottery mug. (Also, yes. I drink decaf. Because caffeine doesn’t wake me up – so this really *IS* all about the flavour.)

Road trips. I love spending time on the road by myself, for hours, to new places, and old favourites. Stopping all the right places to take photos, go for a hike, collect rocks. Nothing more soothing to the soul than giving yourself the time & space to settle into a meditative place, think about whatever, enjoy the scenery, take in the smells of the forest, and the vast sky.

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