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January’s topic: ” New Year’s Resolutions. Take them or leave them?”

January’s topic: ” New Year’s Resolutions. Take them or leave them?”

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Well. I would have to say; I’m not the kind of person who has ever sat down on January 1st, and plotted a list of things I want to change, accomplish , or do different. I like to think my journey on this planet is a constant sea of change, growth and learning. So I try to take the opportunity to grasp this every day. To course correct when needed. To learn – all the time. And to allow myself the space and forgiveness to always grow. So on January 1st: No. Every opportunity that puts itself in my path: Yes.

Having said that, there are a few things I do hope to accomplish in the coming months. Some are ongoing. In face I bet they’re in the list I posted last January. 🙂

First is to continue to complete a Computer Aided Drafting online Course I started a few years ago – I plan to complete it this year, so I have my certificate in this. I have 1.5 classes to complete, of 4. This is a ‘career’ oriented goal, and useful to the job I go to 9-5 every day, where I specialize in Computer Aided Drafting. I will say with these kinds of softwares, you never know it all, there is always room to learn more tools, tricks, become more efficient, etc. So I hope to become more knowledgeable about the parts I already use; and expand my skills in 3D drafting in a huge way. I want to be proficient with 3D design. This is something I don’t use in my day job; but is more for my own pleasure. With it, I can take the tools to design in the software, and start developing a few designs for jewellery; that can be 3D printed with today’s technology, in many different materials. As well, I have some tool ideas that once refined will be very useful in the Jewellers studio. So, Being able to create those designs, and then produce the tools will be useful for me; and will also allow me to produce them and offer them for sale to others who might also hope for these handy tools 🙂

Another plan I have in the works, is revamping my designs. If you’ve been around on facebook, or my blog, you’ll know I am having a sale right now (ending tomorrow) That is offering about 90% of my existing work at very low pricing. After the sale ends, I will be recycling all this work. In detail, that means pulling out all the stones for use in some other project some day; then melting the silver into new blocks of metal, ready to start new. They all get a chance at new life. In some ways it is very sad to do this – so much heart and soul has been poured into my creations… but I believe if something sits for a number of years without finding it’s Forever Home, then That magic spark just isn’t strong enough in it. So… off it goes to get reborn. It’s also quite cathartic to melt it all down into molten metal and pour it into an ingot mold; Seeing that new fresh shiny block of metal, with it’s infinite possibilities ahead…. So. 250+ items are heading to certain extinction…. but the real fun comes after. There are 9 items left that I have created recently, that are lucky enough to escape the process this time around. And when I look into that box where I store the creations waiting to find their homes, and see it empty and waiting for new, fresh ideas [instead of crowded with the sad little voices calling out their lonely feelings up to me {and yes, that *IS* how it happens when my living creations sit there alone too long}… ] .. instead, there is room to be filled. Endless possibilities ahead. So this year…. is all about renewing my vision. My creations. Starting fresh, with a new course corrected path ahead. I have so many ideas and designs within me, pushing their way out. It is exciting. Knowing that there will be nothing holding me back to go in this new direction, and explore these new ideas….. You’ll just have to stick around and see what happens!

Then there’s the little things: get outside more; more fresh air, more wilderness; more exercise; more running; better envisioning; better dreaming; staying truer to my true self; following my own lead and not others; making my own dreams come true; knowing I am the captain of this ship called my life… more ink; more happiness; more motorcycle rides; more writing; more painting; more learning my banjo…..

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