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March’s topic: ” Superpowers. If you could pick one to have, what would it be?”

March’s topic: ” Superpowers. If you could pick one to have, what would it be?”

Superpower. Who would you be? March Blog-o-sphere Think-Tank

This is such an awesome topic; and there are SoooOoOoOoooo many choices….. I have been thinking about this for an entire month. It’s now approx 12 hours until the group blog posts; so It seems I have to get down to it, and choose. Superpowers. Obviously, I want them *ALL*….

I’ve been thinking about the “superheros” who might inspire my choices.

Max Guevara (X5-452) From Dark Angel. She’s a genetically enhanced super-soldier, with DNA from felines spliced into hers. She’s a reluctant hero, in a future where it seems everyone must fend for themselves in a dystopian post-apocalypse America future. She’s unusually strong, fast, and even having telekinetic powers- but most of all;able to take care of her own. She ends up doing things for the greater good……

Peter Petrelli, from Heroes. Heroes is a show chock full of superheros. Good, bad, and everything in between. I am choosing Peter for inspiration, because his main ability allowed him to absorb the ‘power’ of whomever he was near. Peter’s family as a hopeless dreamer, but he believed he had a greater place in life than just saving one life at a time. Peter carried deep compassion, and a deep sense of needing to do the right thing, which shaped pretty much all his choices and actions. So he did what he did for the greater good, even at his own expense.

But back to me. I have to say…… I think, if I could choose one (and ONLY one) – it would be Time Travel. And I admit, I would use it for my own benefit, and curiosity, as much as I would also be driven to use it for good (much like Peter, and Max, and so many other examples I would naturally strive to emulate)… Just imagine all the places… and times to which you could go. To see, to experience, to learn, to nudge things in a better direction. The future. The past. Other star systems, other universes, other planets… Naturally, I am very interested in our own civilization, in 100 years. 200 years. 500 years. 1000 years! I am so deeply interested in the technology (and jealous I will not be there to experience it). Will it be anything like what we imagine, in our science fiction movies? Will we be “inter-species”? Living along side beings from other star systems? I think we will. But without the ability to travel thru time, we will never know. Perhaps we will drive our own civilization to extinction. From so many different possibilities of how. I might go 500 years ahead, to fine myself utterly alone on the devastated, post-apocalyptic planet. In which case… I would be obligated to go back in time.. to help re-shape the past, to create a better, more “earth-friendly” future. And I would be happy to do so….. After I hop over to the time and place in which I can upgrade the technology of my human flesh body. I want the ability to change my eye colour and hair colour at will. To Integrate cyborg technology to make me stronger, healthier, better. More able to do… all the things a time traveling super human must to do ensure the security and longevity of our human civilization.

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