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May’s topic: ”My Favourite thing about Spring”

May’s topic: ”My Favourite thing about Spring”
Spring Love ~ May Blog-o-sphere Think tank

………. Spring brings with it the freedom to live life spontaneously. Sunny and warm out? Long drive home from work. ( as seen above.)
I live in such a beautiful and amazing place – this is truly a gift to be able to tour around and see so much of it – cheaply; and at a moments notice.
If you have never ridden a motorcycle….. I’m going to tell you here honestly, that while it’s “nice” to drive thru the forests with your windows open in your car….. It is NOT at all the same as riding thru the forests on a motorcycle.
~ Not. Even. Close. ~
The scents are Huge. In Your Face, Knock you over huge.
This week I rode thru a town where the Lilac trees are beginning to bloom; and the Smell nearly knocked me over it was so amazing, and strong. I had to circle around that block to get a second huge breath of that! Before that last week was the Magnolia trees…
While most of my rides consist of beautiful, winding highways thru vast swathes of mountain forest. I will never get tired of the fresh, earthy tang of the pines, ans the spruce trees. The misty scent of rain in the air, even on the bluest of days at times…. The breath of coolness as you round a curve into a shaded glade…. The warm loving hug from the sun, when you emerge. And with it, scenery to fill your soul to the brim. The solitude & quiet when you stop on the side of a backroad, alone in the wilderness; to soak it all in….. Connecting with the earth, the smells, the scenery, the curves of her; it is truly gift of the deepest caress. It fills you, heals you, grounds you.
Not sure which way is up any more? Go for a ride. You’ll know pretty quickly. Want to know what matters in life? Go for a ride…. Some times it’s the connection to the earth that brings it all in to focus. Sometimes it’s the time to think. Sometimes it’s singing at the top of your lungs your most favourite songs for a couple hours. Sometimes, it’s the act of “getting away”.. and then coming home….. Sometimes, it’s the people you choose to share your rides with…..Funny as it is. Riding with others is both social & solitary at the same time. I can’t explain it.
So for me…. Spring is the awakening from the hibernation of months of dreaming about my favourite winding roads. The door opening up to the coming months of the lovely sweet soulful moments spent connecting with this special summertime energy.
The moment the roads become clean enough, the air warm enough- to bundle up in the warmest of biking gear; go out, start up the motor and listen to him purr [so happy to be let out to play again!] …. and to go get that fresh green energy in your nose.
……. gotta go. I hear the roads calling!

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