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July’s topic: “How animals & pets matter in my life”

July’s topic: “How animals & pets matter in my life”

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Animals….. Well, if you’ve followed my blogs at all… you’ll know I have a herd of three cats, currently. Usually 4, as I’m still mourning the loss of JetLi just over a year ago. I Had a dog, Java for 12 years also…. I adore and cherish my feline companions so much, they even have their own blog & facebook page even, so I can share with you the sweetness they shower me with daily. Visiting those pages will show you in images how much they mean to me. <3

So here it is for me: They mean the world to me, and I truly can’t imagine living a life with no pets in it. They keep me grounded, keep me sane, keep me balanced, and keep a level of joy and happiness in my life that people can’t. And it’s not that I don’t value and cherish the people in my life; but animal interaction is different. They’re not people, they’re not kids; but at the same time, they are true companions- brimming with unconditional love (if that’s the kind of relationship you foster with them – where there is trust, and love, and companionship, respect.) They give you that top up on love when you need it, in their own way. And yes of course, it’s not once sided, we give them tonns too. And they reflect back what we offer. Sometimes they seem greedy and needy of our attentions….. But at the same time when you are having a bad day or a sad day they are there to comfort you and be concerned for you – nudging you to pet them…making you think it’s them that needs it when really it’s you. When you cry, they come to make sure you are ok, beg you to be better, and happier with nugges and meows, and looks of questioning “are you ok?”.

My kitties… they are beyond value to me…… The ones I have lost in my life are missed deeply and daily. Mitaha. Java. Issa, Jetli. Part of me is gone with them, for all that they gave to me in their short lives, the closest of companions that they have been to me.

I believe that a person with pets, has a different compassion for the ‘non-human’ part of our life experience. One that is more deeply connected to all the living creatures. And to have this connection in my life, I am thankful to the creatures that allow me to be a part of their lives too.

And, I value the other animals I get the gift to interact with – even the bears outside my condo. It’s a joy to have living creatures. about… Though generally it’s less stressful interacting with the ones that *aren’t* above you on the food chain!!! But those ones let you know how real life is, and where your place is, not to mention respect as well.

So, amazingly, I’m limiting to three pictures, one of each of my current furry family. All taken in the last couple weeks. 🙂 I love these guys to pieces. <3

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