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November’s topic: “What would you do if money wasn’t a factor?”

November’s topic: “What would you do if money wasn’t a factor?”

Anything; Anywhere ~ November Blog-o-sphere Think Tank

Naturally….. that’s a very long list. 😀 So here’s a fast list with a few things:

I’d be sure to have a seasons pass for an awesome ski hill somewhere, every winter – and ski as much as I wanted.

Collect Art.

I would travel to all the places I really want to go (Iceland, Egypt, New Zealand, Cuba, Poland, etc)

Not to mention road trip North America in a motorhome (or truck & trailer; *so my dearest feline companions are with me) stopping everywhere, and anywhere; for as long as it takes to experience all the places I’ve dreamed of visiting ( and more, no doubt!) … With a motorbike too, so I can ride- as I’d like to explore from my “homebase”.

But in the bigger picture of my life…

I would buy a very large property (several hundred acres) in some extremely remote mountainous area, and build my dream fortress (otherwise known as a home)…… Complete with epic studio where I can then build and create to my hearts desire all the things inside my head just waiting to come out…. An outdoor cat playroom, A large garden, greenhouse, and orchard for growing organic food…. And all the toys to enjoy the wilderness.

And on that property I dream of building a select Artist community – A central community building where workshops and teaching can happen; housing the bigger and shareable tools, ringed with “private” studio space for each artists personal space for creating. Along with living space alongside the creating space, of course for the artists spending time here. I envision inviting artists I know and respect to come to my little community, for as long as they like- to learn, explore and focus on their art. And of course inviting respected artists to come and teach in this place. And since money isn’t an object, I would make it possible for these people to be here, without worrying about how they would pay their bills, afford to be here etc.

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