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July’s topic:  “”Where would you like to visit this summer?”

July’s topic: “”Where would you like to visit this summer?”

Places To Go ~ July Blog-o-sphere Think Tank

I am just getting back to “normal life” after a pretty brutal Motorcycle Accident in May; and am am finally able to ride my new bike! It’s a challenge with my right hand, as My thumb is still injured. The ligaments are still healing, so the joint is very stiff and it doesn’t move much; leaving it with not much strength….. But just three days ago, I went for my first short ride since the accident. My hand did better than I expected it to! Such a relief, to be able to start to enjoy the things I enjoy in summer: going for rides! Life is becoming “right” again; in so many ways 🙂

So… as much as I could list all the wild and crazy and far off places I want to go to.. including other planets, & solar systems, the future and more…. I’m just going to share a few of the places on my wish list of bike trips for today. I Probably won’t get to most this summer; but hey, it’s a wish list 🙂

Mt Hood, Oregon

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Taos, New Mexico

Burmis Tree, Alberta

Any anywhere delightful my little road trips take me!

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