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August’s topic: “How do you envision the possibilities for the future?”

August’s topic: “How do you envision the possibilities for the future?”

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I had a horoscope this week, that applied really well to the topic, so let me share:

“Most people reach the top of the ladder of success only to find it’s leaning against the wrong wall.” Actor Paul Sorensen said that. It’s no coincidence that I’m bringing this theory to your attention right now. The coming months will be a good time to determine whether the ladder you have been climbing is leaning against the right wall or wrong wall. My advice is to question yourself at length. Be as objective as possible. Swear to tell yourself the whole truth. If, after your investigations, you decide it is indeed the wrong wall, climb down from the ladder and haul it over to the right wall. And if you’re satisfied that you are where you should be, celebrate!

So how do I envision the future? I quiet my mind, focus on the “big picture” of where I want to be headed. Then, I spend as much time as I need, rooting in to that place; and really feeling it….. Feeling the satisfaction, happiness, accomplishment, joy, contentment; and anything else I believe that I will have when I am in this “place”. Feel who I am there. Feel the “rightness” of it when I am there… imagining only the details that I think are important. – While knowing that it’s better to focus on the big picture and not every tiny little thing. When you think about yourself in the big picture of where you want to be; the universe is able to supply and fill in the details to make it work. Getting caught up on all the little stuff can make it harder to realize… as they aren’t the important parts.

Not much more to it for me than that. See it, feel it, imagine it is.

…as for What, I envision for my future… that’s between me & my future. I’ll leave it at that by just saying… my future is bright! 😀

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