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September’s topic:  “Domination is the new Behavior.”

September’s topic: “Domination is the new Behavior.”

Domination Behavior ~ September Blog-o-sphere Think Tank Group Blog

“So you say you want freedom of choice? Well too bad. Those days are LONG gone & over. Welcome to 2091” Master Towers sneered at them.

“We don’t do freedom of choice anymore. Your ancestors gave that up for the false sense of security… which began in earnest back in 2001.”

They were confused. Frightened. Unsure of this place they had woken up in to. It was not at all what things where like back when they departed…..So long ago. From a different time and place, to the Deep Sleep that brought them here.

“PAY ATTENTION!!!” Squeaks of weakness emerged…. as the looming intimidation figure that was apparently in charge of *All Things*; Master Towers. And tower he did….

……. “We in Charge Dominate the World. You Do what your told. That is the behavior expected from you now. You Will Fall In To Line. Or cease to exist.”


[Brought to you by a “Random thoughts! type writing exercise – It’s one of those exercises where open a book (or blog, or magazine or whatever you read), and pick out the 4th and 14th words (that aren’t: the, I, we, and, etc!)…. and drop them into this phrase: “_____ is the new _____.”….. I’m choosing to open my book to a random page. Brought to you By Influx, written by Daniel Suarez. A great Sci-fi read. {page 242.}


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