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October’s topic: Why Do You Do What You Do?

Why Do You Do What You Do? ~ October Blog-o-Sphere Think Tank Group Blog

WDYDWYD It’s a whole movement. A beautiful, brilliant, expressive, mind opening movement; based on one simple question once asked “Why do you do what you do?”

Thier facebook page – a brilliant photo album from Burning Man – the first view I had of this. Visit the WDYDWYD website here.

*A note about my post: October 19th is Federal Election Day in Canada. While choosing who to vote for is never a simple or straightforward task, I found today really difficult. I could on one hand choose the party who’s belief’s align with my own in 99% of the ways…. Or I could choose the *only* party who supports the firearm community here; but is 99% opposed to my beliefs bout how the country should be run. Which matters more? [the 1% in both scenarios is the firearm rights & ownership issue]

Typically I stear clear of “all things politics”… and keep my personal choices regarding topics that are bound to be “controversial one way or another” to myself. Simply because they are mine Alone. I like to lead a peaceful life. My choices & beliefs are most definitely my own; As your choices and beliefs are yours. I don’t impose mine, and I expect the same in return. So while I am not saying here either way what any one person should do.. or what my *Ultimate* Vote came down to today… Let’s just leave it with the fact that it was a polar opposite choice that had to be made. I didn’t enjoy choosing, or having to pick between one or the other as obviously to me they are both very important for now, my personal future and Canada’s future as a country.

But I Voted.

And it’s been many years since I’ve chosen to do that.

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