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November’s Topic: “What are you thankful for?”

November’s Topic: “What are you thankful for?”

Thankful ~ November Blog-o-sphere Think Tank Group Blog

I have so much to be thankful for! ~ The Forest AND the trees.

I wanted to take a second and wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. (Though in Canada we celebrated it back in early October!) The feeling is the same though: It’s a great reminder at this time of the year, with “thanksgivings” coming around; to take a second and just feel thankfulness for all the parts of your life; big and small, material and non-material – that you feel thankful for. And that’s why I like to keep re-visiting this topic in the group blogs…. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the grit of life, and lose touch of what we are truly thankful for….. so below: A short list of a few of the things I am thankful for, and try to keep present thoughts in my day to day life.

Second chances, Compassion & Understanding.

Living in such an amazingly beautiful place.

Having a great bike to ride around and enjoy life on.

More than I need to be healthy, happy, cared for & abundant with the things I need & want.

Amazing friends scattered near and far & all over the globe.

A wonderful network of metalsmiths with whom I can talk shop with & share ideas with online.

A fantastic family.

Great pets to make my life more full and loving at the end of a day.

My life: and all my body parts intact.

Not one, but TWO careers I love & enjoy.

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