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January’s topic:  “What has impacted you recently?” (and how/why?)

January’s topic: “What has impacted you recently?” (and how/why?)

Impact ~ January Blog-o-Sphere Think Tank

I came face to face [again] with the knowledge and reality that the most important thing I can do for myself is this: Honour & Respect My Self. Put my needs in the forefront in my life; with no compromise.

Because without putting my personal needs (emotional, physical, spiritual) I end up compromising my true Self. Not being that who I am. Not honouring that which is important to me. Not respecting what makes me, me….. Which is a downward spiral of constantly ripping off little chunks of my soul each time I give way to the pressures of this thing we call life: until there is not ME left. Just a hollow shell of the person I believed in.

I have been down THAT road before. And it is not a place I would willingly choose to go again. To be so lost, and so foreign a reflection to myself, that I look in the mirror and do not know this person who is reflecting back. I Do not like “Her” I have become… when I slip down that muddy path.

Simply, there is no choice for me. I Must always honour my beliefs. My needs. My purpose. My path. My integrity. My well being. There is nothing worth trading that for. Because trading it makes me.. not me.

So for me: What IMPACTS me so hugely right now comes from knowing I have to follow my path, and honor myself above all else. Anything I choose to walk away from, doesn’t align with that which is important in my being. And if something doesn’t align, it’s not an energy I will willingly invite in to my life’s space. For I know that the Right “things” will come. The beliefs/emotions/souls/paths/ that align with my being will be attracted to the energy which I put forth, and which I desire.

I am committed to myself.

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