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February’s topic:  “5 things on your mind?”

February’s topic: “5 things on your mind?”

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I’m one of those “8,428,675 browser tabs open” types… so just off the top of my head, here are 5 things that are on my mind often at this point. With accompanying images that may or may not be appropriate 😛

The future… (*my* future) … And where I want to take it.

What I’m going to create in my studio… First… second, next, and after that… (*soon)….. maybe even today….

The snow melting and riding season arriving.

Can. Not. Wait. (*I sure miss this guy, Moldavite.)

Evolving in to more of the person I choose to be… Yeah, ok, I know “cyborg” isn’t a possibility quite yet (or, is it?…)…. but it’s a place holder for the evolution of change, deeper growth, and constantly moving forward.

The things that matter.

Like these guys <3 (Jasper & Flint sharing an evening snuggle. – see their facebook here, which links to their blog!)

….No telling what’s on the other 8,428,670 tabs…..

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