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July’s topic: “What are you good at?” (and how did you get that way?)

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July’s topic: “What are you good at?” (and how did you get that way?)

Once upon a time so very long ago… it was my mission to be my/the very best at Ballet skiing. I competed, and I worked hard. How did I get good? I worked my ass off. Every. Single. Day…… I lived it. I breathed it in, and out; all the time. I thought about it. I visualized it. I dreamed it. I trained. And I kept it my sole focus at the cost of all else… for many years…. But things change. It never became an Olympic Sport, so I made a [heartbreaking] choice to move on…

Then… I found Metalsmithing. My next real & true passion… and my desire to be my personal best at it. (Now to be fair I am still working on this daily, and know that skills continue to evolve and refine, and I will never be my best, I will simply continue to get better, every day. ) Here…. I took classes, studied with True Respected Masters in the field, got a bonafide school certificate… and keep learning all the time, reading, devouring new ideas, techniques, expressions of that which I want to create……

But now… in my pursuit of that, my learning has spread into Computer Aided Design. 3D design. At this I am learning! I want to be Excellent, so I can realize my ideas with this tool, in a way my hands might not… and bring it in to my designs by casting my 3D prints in to metal/ or milling my designs from metal, for jewellery…. And how will I make this happen? Classes, courses, Online tutorials… and practice, practice practice. Play with the software, until creating in it is an extension of reaching with my fingertips to shape my vision in to being.

And finally and always… I am good – REALLY good, at loving and caring for these creatures. (and the ones who came before; the ones who will come after). I choose to treat them with respect, and compassion. Honoring their boundaries, and doing my best to fill their needs – physical and emotional. They are “rescues”; all in their own ways, and need special attention beyond your average creature. I adore them, they are so very special. I can not imagine a life without them, even with their extra problems, and needs. They are mine, and I am theirs. It’s a gift to be able to connect on such a depth with other living beings.

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