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August’s topic “How do you Define your self?”

August’s topic: “How do you Define your self?”

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How do I define myself? … How much time do we have?? And ask me again next month. The answer may change. Which is ok – because it’s good to learn/grow/change/expand….

I guess defining oneself is linked to who I see myself as. My own personal Identity. What makes me unique from every one else out there…. I am not one thing… I am many. And even many things that may at first glance appear in opposition to each other — not a hypocrite. But vastly open minded.

Me…. First & foremost… I am just *me*. Every thing/idea/trait/preference that combines to single out my unique oneness that makes me different from every other person. I value and appreciate all that I am, all that makes me Me…. I typically don’t choose labels. And not one, because all the parts matter. I am not JUST any one part of them. I am all, more of one in one moment, and more of another a different given day…. So how can I identify? I’m me. Me….

So; A few of the parts that build the whole me my self….

Maker: I love – and NEED to create. I work with my hands, build from nothing, to something. I thrive in 3D mediums… I choose the identity of Maker for these reasons. I like to make things 

Creative: I work hard to see with fresh eyes. See as I interpret all things; and not be swayed by preconceived notions…. Therefor I try to think the same. Creatively. As I imagine things, as I want to explore things, not just assuming 1+2 = 3.

Animal Lover: I respect and value all animal lives. I do my upmost best to respect them as beings who also inhabit out earth. I hurt when I see them treated unjustly.. and when treated merely as an object to mine for our own selfish use. So many other choices…..

Cat Lady. [potentially crazy.] – love my little feline family more than words can express; and can’t imagine not having them with me – letting them choose me as I choose them, to care for and protect; enjoying their company.

Competitor: I am driven to do my best. Often my competitive spirit is simply within myself – challenging me to always to my personal best.. and to continue to do better. It might sneak out though from time to time when confronted with the opportunity to challenge myself against another… Historically though, I have found this is an excellent practice to increase my own level of skill – not to be better than someone else, but in a drive to keep up / catch up / surpass someone better than myself at something.

Ambitious: goes hand in hand with competitive. I like to improve, learn, grow.

Intuitive: Listening to the gut feelings & intuition of any given environment… these senses make me more aware, more attentive, more in touch with following the correct course of action for my self.

Intelligent: Well. I think I’m pretty smart. 😛 So I’ll just leave it at that!

Geeky: I love technology. Science. The futuristic edge of what we have and are creating. Love interacting with computers, sci fi, futuristic fantasy….

Independent: I am a someone who thrives on my own company, and having the skills to do what I need to without requiring help. The kind of soul who enjoys a 2 week road trip alone.

Inquisitive: I enjoy exploring. Whether it be a new topic, new technology, new games or new places. I want to learn about it, find out the secrets, and interesting things. Dig deeper and discover what others may not bother to.

Modern: goes with loving the technology of our future. Not being confined in my thinking bot outdated thoughts and rules. Keeping an open mind about ideas, experiences, places, designs…

Sporty/ Outdoorsy: I like to play outside. Ski, Hike, Bike, Walk, Climb, Explore…. I love settling in, and noticing the pure quiet, then the forest sounds, and the filtering in of the smell of spruce after a rain. Bare feet to the earth, soaking in natures vibes……. recharging

(I read this article recently , and while it somewhat revolves around dating – it is an interesting and thoughtful read…. which lead me to the topic, since it made me think 🙂

Dr NerdLove

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