Meet the Creative Genius at Andes Cruz Designs: Metalsmith, Artist, Creator, Designer, Fabricator, Marketing Director, Webmaster, Sales Team and Mastermind behind the Designs of Andes Cruz Designs….

​​​The short story:
Handcrafting Quality silver (gold, copper, etc) Jewellery & Accessories with 20+ years training & experience.​

My goal is to focus on my creative ideas, and craft things as best as I absolutely can; so they last long enough to be passed on in your family, generation to generation. I don’t follow trends, I follow my inner vision & ideas. I strive to be unique and original in all my creations. I prefer the extraordinary.Former Canadian Freestyle Ski Team Ballet Skier. Currently an avid skier, snowboarder & mountain sports enthusiast, Coffee snob, Outdoor gear junky, Computer geek, Animal lover, Vegan, Markswoman, Motorcycle rider. Lover of the outdoors, being challenged, learning, art, creativity, and techy geeky things, thinking outside the box, and being past the comfort zone. Currently Computer Aided Drafting Specialist geek by day.

The Long Story: Where it began….
I was born with a love for creating… and rocks in my pockets. I come by it naturally you see, always stashing away pockets full of “pretty rocks” from the time of being a small girl. You see, I was a bit more of a tomboy, I’d rather climbing hillsides, looking for colourful stones, than playing with dolls.

As a young person, my first jewellery venture began well over 20 years ago, selling copper wire wrapped quartz crystals on beaded chains, in a consignment shop in Calgary, AB, Canada….
From there…. I made life choices, and big strides. Taking courses in Silversmithing at the Taos Institute of Art, followed by a 2 year apprenticeship with a renowned goldsmith, teacher, and entrepreneur of the field whom I respect immensely.

All the while developing my eye for what works, what pleases my senses, and gaining the skills and know-how in the real world to put the things together, in a way that not only made sense, but to hand craft with as much integrity and attention to creating things to be as well made as possible.

Somewhere between then and now, I attended the well known and respected Revere Academy of Jewellery Arts, and gained a Bench Technician Diploma.

Which leads me to now.
Still learning.
Still exploring.
Still striving to create each thing new, interesting and as well made as possible.

I have a passion for stones, and cut my own when I can. And I love the lustre of Sterling silver, though I have the ability and tools to work on many other metals…..

Thanks for joining me on this journey. I’m just a creator, with a torch & crazy ideas; and the strong desire to create the greatest things. I hope you’ll love having them in your collections, as much as I have enjoyed creating them.