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My little bits of wisdom~

Life is a vast opportunity of learning, and growth. Some of it hard, and challenging…. I’ve been in a state of contemplation lately, looking inward. I don’t like to spend a lot of time “looking back” ~ because we can’t change the past. But we can learn from it. And we should. We should learn from what’s there, and grow, and move forward. I’m coming up against a “notable” birthday soon…. so I suppose that some of that factors into my contemplation lately. Well, but a lot of things do. Thinking about where I am, what I am doing, and… Read More »My little bits of wisdom~

It Boils Down to The Important things~

It’s been on my mind a lot lately… over the last many years, in fact. So, I’m gonna lay down here what’s in my mind ~ “Where I come from.” The things that are important. The things that matter, to me, in my opinion. The Values and Ideas I work to shape my actions in life on. They boil down to a pretty small, straight forward list. Respect. I’ve been using the term “respect” a lot lately. And I think, maybe not everyone understands what I mean when I say “respect”. (As hard as it is for me to figure… Read More »It Boils Down to The Important things~


So here are my thoughts for today: It’s *all* about Love. The only thing that matters; is love. The one and only thought that ought to occupy our minds~ is love. We should strive to enter each and every moment, with our hearts and minds open; we should hope to offer up all the love and compassion we know; we should love each person and relationship in our lives, with everything we’ve got. Our retrospection should first ask: “Have I loved here as deeply as I can?” Because at the end of the day, we are naked. We are nothing… Read More »love~

Cleaning house~

You know, when you read things often termed as “New Age” writings…. you often hear things to the tune of: “You’ve got to remove the things/people/ideas that no longer serve you – in order to open up the space for the things you do desire to come into your life.” … And really, I think there is truth in here….. I think, if you’re constantly focused and obsessing on things that Have happened, that you Cannot change, that you no longer desire… your focus is facing backwards. You are looking back. Re-living over and over that which has already happened….… Read More »Cleaning house~


I guess there are things we’re never meant to know. Why sometimes we suffer more than one soul should. Why when we offer up love so pure and fully, that it isn’t reflected back? I wonder how someone can tell you they love you, can cry from the heart at a goodbye, tell you they’ve never felt like this before; so deeply about someone….. and then just walk away without another word? Only Silence……. Leave you hanging, when they promised they had your back? If the words are empty, then why make the effort to say them?

Food for thought~

Last week, a New Acquaintance from Twitter, and I had been talking about various things. She discovered by reading my profile on my website, that I used to compete in Freestyle Skiing. And told me her sons are into Freestyle skiing. *fabulous!* But often we talk about local stuff, business, and such… It’s always interesting to interact with new people. I think it keeps your perspective of yourself fresh…. (This was an angle I don’t think I had specifically tracked out in my mind…) And she asked me this : Does your Freestyle experience help now? (in business and life..)… Read More »Food for thought~

A Moment to Think~ Before speaking

In the age of the internet, a person needs to hold a degree in Interpretation Of Communication Skills…. And~ One needs to remember to communicate with tact, compassion, and respect. Part One: “What you communicate.” Over the past few months it has brought front to face, head of the line again and again in my life. The power of our words. And the acts of with which little thought that we often throw them around. After much thought and introspection, I wanted to reflect a little on how we communicate today. Much of our interaction with others occurs in Cyberspace.… Read More »A Moment to Think~ Before speaking

Reflection [will you jump?]

I don’t think it’s healthy to spend too much time looking back. After all; even if you regret what may have been ~ you can’t change it. It’s done. You must make peace within yourself… and focus now on what lays ahead of you; and Most Importantly~ what is here Now. Having said that….. taking a moment now and then to reflect can also be good. Today is January first, twenty-ten. On New Year’s Eve we witnessed a Full Moon, A partial lunar eclipse, a Blue Moon; and the end of a decade. Here’s my wish in Reflecting back ~… Read More »Reflection [will you jump?]

Editing; White lies & Half truths

I don’t. I *really* don’t like to edit. It separates, and deviates from the Real Me. It’s a two sided mirror I stare into….. On one side~ The most important thing I do; For Me; is to speak my truth. Say what I need to say. Be who I am. Shine out who I am, and need to be…. The other side, as I see my reflection – I realize is my hypocrytic self. I don’t like seeing my self reflecting that. When I find myself dwelling in the place where…. I Edit. “Free Your Mind”…….. The Editor. What does… Read More »Editing; White lies & Half truths


You know that feeling… when there is possibility? It’s a good thing. ….. feels tingly. Your senses are firing. You have that ghost of DeJaVu following you around. You do things that when then happen; you know, you think: “Ah. Right. . That’s where that memory/dream/thought came from.” Feeling moments you know you’ve *seen*… fall into actuality. (finally?) And there it is: that feeling….. the beginning…. that belly-deep grin spreads thru your being, from the inside out, you skin smiles, your eyes twinkle…. it’s your secret… but it’s seeping out. When you know you’re following the right direction, because it’s… Read More »Possibility~