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Hands [working title]

Following, an expert from an essay about hands…. my hands and all the things they do, feel touch, express, and so on. In progress, no editing. Later, my hands delved in to making jewellery. Learning to use hand tools. Slowly, learning to saw with precision a straight line, or carefully a shape from metals, never straying from the line – years of practice and dexterity to do so. Building slowly, the muscle memory to do so with precision. Holding pliers – griping tightly, and maneuvering with dexterity to accomplish tasks. The light but strong touch of holding a torch, brushing… Read More »Hands [working title]

Jewellery Hiatus & Writing Instead.

It’s been a very long road recovering my hand injury in 2015. It’s at a point where I have less than optimal strength in my hand, which makes working in the studio challenging. And then there’s the pain. Not to mention the relearning of muscle memory…. So while I have been anxious to get back in there, and work hard to get back to being me and creating again – life has a way of turning things upside down. Again. And again, And again. The latest part of the saga being that while I desire to do it – I… Read More »Jewellery Hiatus & Writing Instead.

There was a Crack

Sometimes… you go thru stuff… Stuff you don’t want to. Stuff you kick and scream and fight against. Stuff you refuse to accept…. Sometimes, life seems awfully unfair. It leaves a hole in your life. In your heart. In your soul. Sometimes, when you’re being is cracked open wide, as you exist aching and exposed; raw, and bruised…


I guess there are things we’re never meant to know. Why sometimes we suffer more than one soul should. Why when we offer up love so pure and fully, that it isn’t reflected back? I wonder how someone can tell you they love you, can cry from the heart at a goodbye, tell you they’ve never felt like this before; so deeply about someone….. and then just walk away without another word? Only Silence……. Leave you hanging, when they promised they had your back? If the words are empty, then why make the effort to say them?


You know that feeling… when there is possibility? It’s a good thing. ….. feels tingly. Your senses are firing. You have that ghost of DeJaVu following you around. You do things that when then happen; you know, you think: “Ah. Right. . That’s where that memory/dream/thought came from.” Feeling moments you know you’ve *seen*… fall into actuality. (finally?) And there it is: that feeling….. the beginning…. that belly-deep grin spreads thru your being, from the inside out, you skin smiles, your eyes twinkle…. it’s your secret… but it’s seeping out. When you know you’re following the right direction, because it’s… Read More »Possibility~

The only moment we have is now.

“the only moment we really have is right now.” I think it’s powerful. True. I was reminded of this basic philosophy today while watching a new tv program called Flashforward. What it reminds me, is that I have been trying to live in a philosophy that today is it. There is no tomorrow; just now. And true in the sense that the only moment you live is now. Yesterday is done, and tomorrow never is here. There is only now…. On that thought, I have, over the past several years, been working with emotions. I have never been really big… Read More »The only moment we have is now.