Short Stories

A little excerpt about time travel to save humanity.

A tiny excerpt for a thing I put forth to a magazine. “So, we focused on finding the way to go through time – to go backwards, to change the path of history enough, to save humanity. To not end up here, again. And if we did get through, we would be the first. It was going to be like jumping off a cliff, and hoping for wings to sprout en-route to the fast approaching ground. We all were going to have to jump. At a certain point, there would be no time left to leave, and those that could… Read More »A little excerpt about time travel to save humanity.

Shifted Hunter [working title]

An excerpt, from something I started yesterday, after thinking about “not having a firm grip on reality’. The first time I found there, it wasn’t on purpose. I was sleeping (presumably) and in that shifted time-space, when the realities of awake and dreaming blend ever so close together, the veil but a flimsy sheer wisp of a sheer curtain… I felt him. Felt him like the hair raising up on your arm tingly neck crawling somethings about to eat me sensation… I felt the consciousness of this other. Instantly, I understood he sensed me first, and that’s what alerted me.… Read More »Shifted Hunter [working title]

Justice & the sidekick [working title]

Excerpt from a draft I’m working on – short story. completely unedited from when it seeped from my brain. I’m not like the other kids here, I don’t fit in. Some days, I want to be normal, and fade in to the background where they don’t notice me, but mostly I just can’t. It’s not who I am. I guess. But when your so called parents gift with a name like Justice, you’re a target for life. The mean kids can’t help themselves, with the bullying. The verbal abuse never stops, and the physical beatings hardly ever take a break.… Read More »Justice & the sidekick [working title]